"Princess Diaries" Collection

"Me, a Princess? SHUT UP!"

Here at K-Pixie Boutique, LLC - we find inspiration everywhere! ESPECIALLY in our favorite things! We included spring time pastels with vintage/past time accessories and unique and different style clothing. This collection is not your average "inspired" collection. In fact, our inspiration goes a little deeper than color matching with names. Remember to never lose sight of you are. You can try and fit into the mold that society gives us but who is that making happy? Remember to always stay true to yourself, no matter what people say! This collection was quiet a new jump for our boutique but instead of hiding and trying to mold our style to everyone else, we are showing you all what K-Pixie is all about- do you for you!

We couldn't be happier with our new collection and we hope you love it and makes you feel even more like the Q U E E N you are!